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Kallergi Mountain Refuge

Kallergi Mountain Refuge

Adventure, song, dance, three magical words that describe the moments of our excursion. Smiles and enthusiasm prevailed, and made us close our excursion full of emotions

In a place of incomparable beauty, just 1 hour away from our city, the 3rd hiking trip and 1st overnight stay of our gym took place!

Thank you all very much for your participation.

Special thanks to Christos, Annie and George for the impeccable care at @kallergi_refuge, the Drakoulakis family for the wonderful meal at the "Neos Omalos" Tavern and @nikoskaravitakis for the unique @Karavitakis_Winery wines that accompany us on every excursion.

Until next time...don't stop doing things that fill you with beautiful feelings.